Zǔtáng jí 祖堂集

Download all texts as XML files (zip)
Documentation and .xlsx table
Variant characters of the Zǔtáng jí 祖堂集: notes on the collection and referencing system used in the DMCT. [PDF]
Notes to the .xlsx table of the Zǔtáng jí 祖堂集. [PDF]
The Zǔtáng jí 祖堂集: a comprehensive .xlsx table of its contents and structure. [XLSX]
Chán master Jìngxiū's 淨修禪師 preface to the Zǔtáng jí 祖堂集.
The Goryeo 高麗 preface to the Zǔtáng jí 祖堂集.
The Quánzhōu Qiānfó xīnzhù zhūzǔshī sòng 泉州千佛新著諸祖師頌 (S.1635).
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